Since I have a two screens now at my home office - I can be on a meeting on one, but on the second one I am doing more important stuff or other tasks ;) Feel goooooood about it ;)
Designer - a creative one ;) 6 months ago
Eating a lot at work. "Forbidden For Employees Food" as well.
Falafel Fryer 6 months ago
Doing fat lines while on mute, cooking, going to boxing, riding my bike around the lake, hitting up the liquor store, riding my motorcycle (got my license back on the company dime too, lord bless the DMV).
Project Manager 6 months ago
Wistfully zooming around in google maps imagining a world in which all of the disused railway lines around me are converted into public transit.
Web Developer 7 months ago
I've lost all interest in my formerly dream job, so I'm doing the minimum necessary to make it seem like I give the slightest fuck until I can afford to be unemployed for a few months
Engineer 7 months ago
I’ve been getting extremely baked and then losing blitz chess for 30% of working hours over the last month and a half.
data scienctist 7 months ago
Sometimes, my job is so chaotic that nobody notices if you do almost nothing for a day or two, as long as you show up to daily meetings. One time, I read a whole book about dog training even though I don't own a dog. I spent an hour yesterday going through an online museum.
Software Developer 7 months ago
Our office is located inside an abandoned warehouse and we play football during (but not limited to) lunch breaks.
Developer 7 months ago
My job is all about optimizing stuff. So I optimized my work-avoidance routines. Fake meetings where I'm alone and I'm actually spreading leftist memes on the internet, wrong estimates to dig out entire weeks of free/low pace work, scolding managers for setting up too many meetings and impacting my productivity. I could go on for days, but it's time for my afternoon nap.
Programmer 7 months ago
I masturbate on company hours not necessarily out of being horny, but for the sheer amusement of being paid for jerking off.
Corporate Drone 7 months ago
Sometimes I say that I have to make some research for visuals, but in fact, I'm watching porn.
Video Artist 8 months ago
When I had a permanent job managers had access to your calendar, and so could decide your schedule for you at any point, at a moment's notice. I discovered it was possible to email yourself an invite to a meeting, and it would show up as a 1 to 1 with a third party, meaning management would leave you alone... so you could actually get on with some work...
Freelancer 8 months ago
I've been going to second-hand shops or to buy yerba mate, not telling anyone I'm going for a break. Also, I often give my partner a blowjob during my working hours. Love working from home XD
Social media and PR Coordinator 8 months ago
At yesterday's meeting, very long and pointless, I pretended that I was taking notes, when in fact I was doodling WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING HERE. Yeah, two hours of unnecessary bullshit that they could write in one email.
Social Media Manager (very sad one) 8 months ago
I didn't answer the phone from the client, I wrote a text message that I would call back later because I have a meeting. In fact, I was watching the last episode of Batwoman on HBO.
Freelance Designer 8 months ago
In my previous job, I was booking the meeting room for having a nap after lunch. Worked well every time.
Project Manager 8 months ago
Sometimes I sit down on my sofa for lunch and I don't get up again till dinner.
Freelancer 8 months ago
Often I would switch my phone to silent mode (so that no one among my workmates, and especially my boss, realises that it's ringing) and intentionally not answer the incoming calls from French speaking customers, and then call them back in a suitable moment. There were two main reasons why I would do this: first, nobody at the office knew French. People tend to fear the opposite: that the others listen to what you're saying and judge it - so it may sound silly but I felt rather guilty and embarrassed that they couldn't understand a thing! The second reason seems less paranoid: I procrastinated in some way to feel "readier" for the call, plus wanted to be considered as someone who is always busy but, at the same time, who always calls back :D
Account manager 9 months ago
During endless zoom meetings, I draw for hours, and nod every now and then. I find it very relaxing.
Graduate Designer 9 months ago
When there is a meeting that I don't want to attend, I'm 5-10 minutes late and say the previous meeting was longer than expected. There was no prior meeting.
Designer 9 months ago
I was working for a freelance graphic designer at her place. When she'd left for her yoga classes, I would sometimes quickly go down the street and get a piece of Pão de Lo, (a portuguese cake) from my favorite pastry right on the corner.
Graphic Designer 11 months ago
In my last job I was paid by the hour. Sometimes I would go to the ice cream machine on the groundfloor and took exactly as long it would need to get the ice cream for 'free'.
Blended Learning Specialist 11 months ago
Go out to smoke a cigarette every 2 hours / Spend 2 hours per day on Vinted instead of working and actually buying things / send memes to my coworkers to make them laugh and procrastinating with me
Community manager assistant 11 months ago
While i work from home my goal is to make This day just like a sunday. I Wake up 10 minutes earlier and while i open my laptop i prepare a big breakfast, and answer one or two emails before preparing myslef. I work but mixing personal and profesional like makes me feel that im not wasting my time. It’s what im about to do ! Bye !
Assistant communication 11 months ago
It's a co-worker friend's story, who while muted on Zoom often pretends to be yawning (with their hand covering their mouth) but actually screams loudly behind their hand :) I can very much relate to that. And very tempted to try this on meetings.
Designer 11 months ago
Watching Netflix
Bar tender 11 months ago
sleeping during work
SEO Specialist 11 months ago
Print some off my personnal documents
Graphic designer 11 months ago
I made myself busy with logistics and going to the post office (all work related) just to get away from having to work on my laptop. Online collaboration (Zoom and Miro) are often really challenging and I fell that I end up being less productive at the end of the day. I need to use these small “tricks” just to get some fresh air - and I infect do better work afterwards
Design Researcher 11 months ago
After a very long day on Zoom I felt that my brain was not working and it just felt physically painful to sit there and listen. My eyes, my brain my ears (from that zoom sound) hurt. I faked bad connection and went for an hour walk in the park. It helped me to push through that day - obviously I was working overtime , but getting fresh air was just really to help survive.
Designer 11 months ago
Saying that I have bad internet connection so that I can turn off Zoom camera (when I am already completely brain dead after the 3rd Zoom in a row) and do some cooking while listening to a very long meeting. This actually turned out to be more focused and productive because I could move my body and think in the same time.
Designer 11 months ago
Avoiding silly small talks in the kitchen, messing up with Time tracking app, going to Żabka 5 times a day just to buy some random snack whenever I'm fed up with my work colleagues
Junior Project Manager 11 months ago
Every week, I am given a list of products on Google sheets for which I’m paid to write short press releases. I am paid a small amount for each ‘blurb’ I write, which usually amounts to £200-£300 a month. Every so often, more money than I am owed will appear in my account. The last time this happened, I received close to an extra £100 on top of my usual amount. When this happens, I simply say nothing and keep it.
Freelance Copywriter 11 months ago
Picking crusts of my psoriasis coated elbows and inspecting the flakes.
Artist 11 months ago
Taking unnecessarily long breaks, especially for petting my dog.
Owner of the Agency 11 months ago
Not doing some of the manual labour asked of me. Ie. sweeping/cleaning poorly.
Child Care Worker 11 months ago
Avoiding all social events at all costs
Content Analyst 11 months ago
fire zone